Dispatches From Off the Deaton Path: The Black Death

In our first “Dispatch From Off the Deaton Path,” Dr. Deaton shares his thoughts on The Great Plague by Stephen Porter and how the Black Death compares to our current health crisis.

One thought on “Dispatches From Off the Deaton Path: The Black Death

  1. Wilma wheten

    Interesting! I’m currently reading He pole did and the Vile, Erik Lars’s new book. The civilians in London during the uncertain times of the blitz at the beginning of WWII, and their prime minister’s leadership and ability to reassure the citizens is slightly foretelling of what we’re dealing with now.
    Also, I don’t know if Elyse Butler told you, but I wrote to her yesterday that I long for an articulate, thoughtful speaker in these times. Someone who knows more words than “incredible” “good” “great” and “never seen before”. Someone like Winston Churchill, or Barack Obama, or YOU!
    Stay safe!


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