Dred Scott: The Worst Supreme Court Decision Ever?

In this Dispatch, Dr. Deaton discusses the case of an enslaved man, Dred Scott, whose pursuit of freedom went all the way to the Supreme Court–and helped cause the Civil War.

One thought on “Dred Scott: The Worst Supreme Court Decision Ever?

  1. Margaret Seiler

    Hey Stan. I’m sure you know that Justice James Moore Wayne, who built the Wayne-Gordon house in Savannah (he was Juliette Gordon Low’s great-uncle; she is now the namesake for the house) sat on the Court at that time. An enslaver himself, Wayne concurred on the Dred Scott decision. Ironically, he fathered 3 children with one of his enslaved women. As a descendant of the Gordons, I’m pleased to be in touch with several of Wayne’s Black descendants, my distant cousins.


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