Podcast S4E6: The Stamp Act, Houdini, & Spike Lee

Stan talks about This Week in History (the Stamp Act, James Jackson, Spike Lee, the first Black graduate of West Point, the Masters, Tomochichi, & Houdini), says goodbye to a pathbreaking historian and actor, spotlights new additions to the Off the Deaton Path bookshelf, and welcomes the opening of Major League Baseball.

One thought on “Podcast S4E6: The Stamp Act, Houdini, & Spike Lee

  1. georgelamplugh

    Dr. Deaton,

    Thanks for this episode of “Off the Deaton Path.” I especially enjoyed your coverage of actor Yaphet Kotto (and “Homicide: Life on the Street,” one of my favorite shows) and of Bernard Bailyn, one of that handful of historians that history graduate students had to read–and understand! And your coverage of Ty Seidful’s book on Lee was the icing on the cake, a work I had discovered earlier today and ordered.

    So, in sum, well done, at least in my opinion. . . .

    George Lamplugh


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