Daylight Saving Time

It’s time to talk about time! In this Dispatch, Dr. Deaton talks about the origins of Daylight Saving Time, what it means to “Save Daylight,” and previous attempts to permanently shift the clock to maximize daylight hours. Do you prefer Daylight Saving Time or Eastern Standard Time throughout the year?

2 thoughts on “Daylight Saving Time

  1. K. Whitney

    Stop changing the clock! Remain on EST time. Data shows that there are increased traffic accidents when we spring forward; there are no significant energy savings (and in some areas increased energy costs); our children wait at bus stops or walk to school in the dark; and, since when did any farmer manage his industry by the clock on the wall? It is an antiquated practice that needs to be abandoned.

  2. BK Logan

    Maximize the daylight hours and keep the ‘spring forward’ affect in place, permanently. Playing sports, going out in the boat, bike rides or walks….Silly for it to be 9pm and the sun is just now setting…..famers and other laborers always worked during the full hours of daylight. Farmers still farm and laborers still labor and the time to recreate should be placed in the most advantageous time frame…..


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