Podcast S7E14: Michael Thurmond on James Oglethorpe

Stan’s guest this week is DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond, who talks about his new book, James Oglethorpe, Father of Georgia: A Founder’s Journey From Slave Trader to Abolitionist, published by the University of Georgia Press. Michael argues that Oglethorpe has never gotten credit for his pathbreaking efforts to keep slavery out of the Georgia colony and his subsequent impact on the emerging abolitionist movement in England.

2 thoughts on “Podcast S7E14: Michael Thurmond on James Oglethorpe

  1. Mike Purvis

    Outstanding interview! Georgia history is so intriguing and there is so much about the founding of this great Colony and State that I continue to learn. Michael Thurmond’s book should become required reading in our school’s Georgia History Curriculum.


    Absolutely fascinating. Truly historic moment in American (World) history with this book Michael Thurmond. Thank you.


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