Dispatches From Off the Deaton Path: National Library Week

In honor of National Library Week, Dr. Deaton looks at the libraries throughout his life that have shaped his love of learning and history.

6 thoughts on “Dispatches From Off the Deaton Path: National Library Week

  1. jwalker376gmailcom

    Dr. Deaton, thank you so much for this love letter to libraries. As Georgia’s State Librarian, I represent the 408 public libraries across the state, and they are all amazing. I am grateful for your appreciation of the value of the libraries in your life!
    ~Julie Walker

  2. Jack dugger

    Growing up in Macon bibb co ga, in the 50s & 60s my favorite time in grammar school was the time spent in the libraries of bibb county. Later, while at Lanier high school, my mother began working on genealogy trying to get proven as a patriot descendant with DAR. The Washington mem. Library in Macon is simply excellent. I am currently a chapter registrar wit SAR. I use the Worldcat website often. I live the research. I am also a Georgia land surveyor. It all ties together. What is the re opening for Whitaker st?

  3. Lou Brackett

    I love to read, but unfortunately my first experiences at a library was not great. The librarian had a rule that you could not check out books above your “supposed” reading level. So at age 5, even though I could read well, I was limited to the so-called Dick and Jane books which took me literally five minutes to read. My mother finally told the librarian that she was tired of bringing me back EVERY day for new books and that from there on out, I was going to get the harder “chapter” books whether the librarian liked it or not! From there I went on to have a love affair with books, something that I passed on to my daughter! And I was lucky enough that my son married an avid reader!

  4. Lisa

    I listen to all your posts. Thank you for the journey down each new path and thankyou during this ‘shelter in place with a good book’ time. After you get me thinking I read more about the focus topic. How fun.

  5. Wilma wheten

    The Rundell library (central library for the Monroe County Library system) in downtown Rochester NY. Not only did I visit with my family as a child, but I spent many hours there during both high school and college years a very very long time ago, and I also worked there in the 1990s, not as a librarian but as clerical support. Memories, oh yeah.

    Thank you for the frequent pathways as I’m self isolating. I enjoy them so much.


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