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November 15 Podcast: The Time Change

Time—what is it exactly and why do we move our clocks backward and forward during the year? Where did “time zones” come from? Who first came up with clocks? And who decided there should be 7 days in a week? We’ll explore these questions and more in this week’s podcast.

New Podcast: October 12

This week’s action-packed podcast: Tom Petty, John Denver, Poisoned Tylenol, The Little Rock Nine, Charles Lindbergh in Atlanta, Button Gwinnett, Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton Jordan, Sherman’s March, and Goat Castle. What does it all mean? Listen and find out….

New Podcast: September 26, 2017

This edition of Off the Deaton Path’s podcast: Robert Johnson, Jim Croce, The Blues, the Devil, Lynching, Notable Passings, Fun Facts Known By Few, The Worst Invention Known to Man, and so much more……