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Dispatches From Off the Deaton Path: A World Without Sports

With Major League Baseball’s announcement this week of a shortened season beginning in July, Dr. Deaton looks back at other events in history before COVID-19 that caused sports fans to cry in their beer.

Dispatches From Off the Deaton Path: Stone Mountain

In this Dispatch, Dr. Deaton takes a look at the controversial history behind Georgia’s Stone Mountain. 

Dispatches From Off the Deaton Path: A Nation of Free Men & Women

This Dispatch looks at the long history of protest and civil unrest, peaceful and violent, in American history, from the colonial period through the present.

Dispatches From Off the Deaton Path: Smallpox

This Dispatch looks at one of the most hideous and deadly diseases in human history that killed hundreds of millions–and its complete eradication in the 20th century.

Dispatches From Off the Deaton Path: The Class of 2020

This Dispatch is a special edition dedicated to the Class of 2020: a “commencement address” from Dr. Deaton followed by a short tribute featuring some of the members of this extraordinary group, graduating under extraordinary circumstances. Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Thank you to everyone who responded to our appeal for photos of your seniors. We are grateful for all of them and hope that even more will be forthcoming for the GHS COVID-19 Collection. In the meantime, we hope that you will enjoy this very special edition of Dispatches from Off the Deaton Path, featuring your 2020 high school seniors.